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Why have you set up resources4schools?

Our research amongst teachers has shown overwhelmingly that you find the myriad of sites too time consuming to navigate. We know that is time you do not have! resources4schools has gathered these resources into an easy portal to peruse and select the ones you need.

Where do you find these resources and why can't I just find them myself?

You can find them yourself; we have just taken away the hassle of moving between lots of sites and having to then find what you need on those sites. We have spent a lot of time researching the companies that have free resources so you don't have to! There is nothing stopping you from searching the internet to find them independently we have just done that for you.

Are they completely free, or will an invoice be sent at a later date?

There is no catch! All the resources that you see featured on this site are free; there is no obligation to even make a selection should you find nothing suitable. You will not be expected to pay for the resource, nor any postage or carriage if the resource needs sending to you. There is no subscription fee to this site and no username or password required.

Do the resources on the site follow the national curriculums?

The resource provider is responsible for the production of the resource and its curriculum ties. Our search mechanism allows the items to be categorised into curriculum areas and the provider is responsible for informing us regarding what parts of the curriculum are appropriate.

Can I photocopy the resources?

Once you are in possession of the resources you may use them in whatever way the provider allows. Resources have been selected to provide the most flexible use possible. If you feel that any resource has a restriction that is not suitable, let us know so we can take appropriate steps.

Useful note - look out for multiple copy orders on postal items where you can save your time and money on photocopying!

Can I be notified when new resources in my area of interest become available?

Yes! We are happy to send email notifications to alert you of new resources. This is an optional service, which you can unsubscribe from at any time. If you want to sign up, simply use the form in the right hand column.

Why do companies give away free resources in the first place?

Companies have a responsibility to encourage positive activities towards the environment, education, communities and all other members of the public. It is called 'Corporate Social Responsibility'. Offering free resources is one way of giving something back.

Some educational suppliers and publishers provide free material as "tasters" of their general offering and we may feature these here but there will be no cost involved and no obligation to send them back.

My resources haven't arrived or any other problems/complaints

If you are expecting resources through the post and they are late, or you have any other problems, please contact the team on  admin@resources4schools.co.uk or use the Contact Us form. Please note that some providers do take up to 28 days to send materials that require delivery.

How do you select the suppliers featured on your website?

We have spent a considerable amount of time contacting the companies, organisations and charities offering free educational resources. They do not have to pay to appear on the website as we did not want to restrict what is available to you. However, our research has shown that teachers are very concerned about the poor quality of some free resources so we have tried to carry out some vetting of what is available. We do require the providers consent to display their materials so if there is something you know is missing and think we should have it, just let us know! Similarly, if there is something you do not think is up to scratch, let us know that too!

I am a free resource provider, how do I feature my content on resources4schools?

For more information about listing your resources on resources4schools click here. You can contact us on admin@resources4schools.co.uk

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"Use a picture. It's worth a thousand words." appeared in a 1911 newspaper article. In education, our expectation of all children is high. Every written and spoken word will count as they grow and experience life. The hook to draw children and young people into learning is key. TeachingHooks.com has been created to provide teachers and other staff in education with engaging visual hooks. TeachingHooks.com provides six week's worth of content for six terms throughout the academic year. The content has been randomly selected to ensure that children (and teachers) are kept on their toes. The images can be used on screen or as printed material to inspire and engage children with their world. ​The images are available for free, and sized at 1600 x 900px or 4:3 ratio. Just click on an image for it to appear in a lightbox!

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