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Growing Potatoes

We think that it is important that everyone learns how great potatoes are and how to enjoy them as part of a healthy balanced diet. In our Growing potatoes resource area you will find lesson notes and resources to help children learn what a potato plant looks like and how potatoes grow. The lesson notes are designed to provide the basic structure and content for lessons, but will need to be tweaked to meet the needs of individual classes. Under the 'task' section there is a suggested task for children aged 5-7 and one for children aged 7-11 years. Worksheets, PowerPoint presentations, factsheets, recipes, video clips and games are available to support the lessons

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"Use a picture. It's worth a thousand words." appeared in a 1911 newspaper article. In education, our expectation of all children is high. Every written and spoken word will count as they grow and experience life. The hook to draw children and young people into learning is key. TeachingHooks.com has been created to provide teachers and other staff in education with engaging visual hooks. TeachingHooks.com provides six week's worth of content for six terms throughout the academic year. The content has been randomly selected to ensure that children (and teachers) are kept on their toes. The images can be used on screen or as printed material to inspire and engage children with their world. ​The images are available for free, and sized at 1600 x 900px or 4:3 ratio. Just click on an image for it to appear in a lightbox!

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